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There will be a PS5 – Smartphone style approach will not takeover

Shawn Layden at Sony has made something very clear today: there will be a PS5, and the smartphone style upgrade-approach will not takeover. In other words, we’ll still be getting […]

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Taster: Die Young – Welcome to the Island

Die Young, developed by IndieGala, is one of those rare titles that manages to hit all the right notes, creating an exciting symphony of survival, adventure, and mystery. You take […]

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Nintendo of America: Metroid Prime 4 and Pokémon Switch will be released in 2018

According to Nintendo of America, we could well be playing the recently announced Metroid Prime 4 as early as next year on the Switch. That’s the plan anyway. Takeaways: Charlie […]

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Viewpoint: Are Games Losing Their Touch with Final Bosses?

It’s hard to argue whether or not final bosses are necessary in video games today. They’ve been a part of gaming for so long that they’re essentially the modus operandi […]

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Taster: The Crew 2 – Like No Other Racing Game You’ve Played

Ubisoft has been known to push out action titles left and right, giving players an adventure through Renaissance Italy, a hacker-filled San Fransisco Bay area or even the primal ages […]


Events for Game Indies: Develop: Brighton

The EVO Indie Showcase is a perfect place for indie developers old and new to get their game some extra exposure. The MIX is partnering with EVO (Evolution Championship Series) once more for this year’s EVO Indie Showcase. The event features the following: The fighting video game community has a lot in common with Indies, […]