The team at D-pad Joy you ask? You can find all those lovely people above and below.

Jamie Giggs – Editor

I’m about gaming, technology, and words.

Chris Wheatley – Reviews Editor


Keeps the reader engaged, informed and moderately happy for a solid 4 minutes.

Sally Mettson – Video producer

Just a little bit in love with Fire Emblem.

Alisa Hail – Features & Reviews

Twitter: @GiveEmHail


Lifetime gamer, professional nerd, and amateur cosplayer.

Stephen Carter – Features & Reviews

Twitter: @ste_carter91

I class myself as somewhat of a ‘geek’.

Tanya Laolapha Pettersen – Features & Reviews

Twitter: @FueledByNoodles

Nice to meet ‘cha! Games are pretty cool, I guess.

Trevor Cripe – News

Twitter: @T_Cripe

Die hard fan of Seattle sports. Bring back our Sonics!

Tom Buxton – News

Twitter: @tbuxton42


Used to be an adventurer like you but then took an arrow to the knee.

Matt Parker – News

Twitter: @Matt_RWR

I’m kind of into games. Katamari Damacy superfan. Terrible at Twitter.

Nathan Franklin – Features

I Love RPGs, both Japanese and Western. Big fan of retro gaming too.