How CS:GO Skins Turned Into Real-Life Assets

Who could have imagined in-game items trading market would be estimated $108 million, but that is the reality we are facing now. And I believe it’s better to profit than hide from it!

We are witnessing a unique trend – rising of eSports and everything related to computer gaming. Who could have thought ten years ago that you would earn money on a massive scale by playing computer games? But enough standing in awe looking as the VR technologies are consuming the real world, I believe we should do everything we can to profit from this as much as we can – gamers, our prime time is coming!

The Phenomenon of CS:GO Skins

There have been lots of research and musing about the reasons for buying skins which don’t give any in-game advantage. Some gamers note the importance of feeling unique; others find pleasure in buying skin crates and trying their luck. However, we can’t do anything about the fact that people are ready to spend hundreds of dollars buying either dozens of keys to open skin boxes, or skins themselves. Whatever the reason is, we can’t deny the reality – millions of gamers are ready to spend a substantial amount of money on in-game items (myself included). I believe it’s time to turn this hobby into something profitable, and it seems like now we have all the opportunities.

How to Earn Money Selling In-Game Designs?

Whether you are an avid player and you won your skins, or you are the luckiest person in the world who obtained super-valuable skins in your first crate, you can make quite substantial amount of money quickly. I knew a girl who got Karambit Knife in her second skins box; we are not friends anymore. Okay, jokes aside, how can you turn your CS:GO assets into real money? A few years ago there was only one way to do so – sell your valuables on the game-related forums. I never tried that because of the number of people scammed by unfair buyers – yes, this was one of the weirdest systems where the seller could get scammed a lot easier than the purchaser.

Then some annoyed gamers with programming skills decided they’ve had enough and started creating third-party marketplaces where you could trade skins safely. I am not saying every marketplace is a safe place to sell your CS:GO items – that depends on the system of contracts used in the development of the market, as well as on other factors. But the major thing that changed is that people started assigning real value to the in-game items, and that’s when the video game economic revolution has begun.

The Service I Use

Luckily, the situation is rapidly changing. Websites like Skins.Cash (my personal favorite, obviously) allow you buy, sell and trade your skins with only several mouse clicks. At first, I was skeptical about the system, because, you know, I don’t want to invest my money in some dude’s Caribbean vacation and luxury yacht, but everything turned out to be fine.

  • First of all, the guys use blockchain technology, which has proven its reliability with various cryptocurrency systems.
  • They also use smart contracts to make the trade even more safe and smooth.
  • You can turn your skins into “real life money,” not just barter one skin for the other.

The guys have proven to be reliable and user-friendly, but I am always open to your suggestions in comments – I like to try new platforms and services sometimes just for the sake of it.


What do you think?