Hidden Gems: Steam indie games released this week (updated 19/05)

Some great indie games released on Steam this week. Check them out, you might discover something wonderful in this mix:

Under That Rain

A gorgeous looking horror pixel-art adventure, inspired by the first classic point-and-click games.

Mystery Mine

If you love old school pixelated 2D platformers this game is just the ticket…

SuperCluster: Void

A fresh take on RPG space adventure: command your fleet, battle your enemies and explore the galaxy.

Empathy: Path of Whispers

Everyone’s Gone to the Rapture-esque surreal adventure game where you explore memories, emotions and puzzles from the people who once inhabited the world.

Vindictive Drive

A unique artsy cyberpunk stealth thriller game with twists and turns in the narrative.


A gruelling first-person survival action simulation on ice – try to live, I dare you!

Bounty Train

Explore this quirky game: build, upgrade and manage your steam train in 19th Century North America and shape events.


A free VR game commemorating the 80’s arcade gaming icon everyone knows and loves.

Fat Mask

A cutesy and quirky arcade puzzle brawler with the option of 1-4 players and a local multiplayer option.

GRIDD: Retroenhanced

An arcade-style cyberpunk hacking shoot’em up – our review coming soon…

Evil Possession

An atmospheric first person survival horror game – will you be able to face it?

ALaLa: Wake Mi Up

This hide and seek dream VR party game looks to be a hit with friends and family.

Trigger Time

A top-down 2D shooter with physic puzzle elements and a badass soundtrack.

Employee Recycling Centre

Solve puzzles in this first-person PC and VR adventure.

Machine Hunt

Your aim is to destroy humanity in this first-person shooter… Maybe we need it.

Super Amazeballs

An energizing VR 3D dexterity puzzle game.


An unsettling mind bend of a unique puzzles this game for the HTC Vive.


Keep an open mind of this VR and take a journey on the elevator simulator.

Crypt Cards

A turn-based 3D online multiplayer card strategy game with a very nice soundtrack.

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